HIPAA Rules and Regulations

HIPAA Rules and Regulations

HIPAA Logo As a medical facility, BU's Student Health Center (SHC) complies with the rules and regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The Notice of Privacy Practices is available in the waiting room.

You will receive the HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices upon your first visit to the SHC, and must acknowledge receipt of this information online.

The relationship between you, the student as a client, and any of the SHC staff is strictly confidential. You are entitled to privacy and confidentiality and to informed consent to the extent provided by the law.

Information can be released ONLY with your written consent or by court order. This means parents or other family members, friends, professors and even other medical facilities/personnel cannot obtain any of your medical information without your written consent.

Medical charts are kept for seven years after graduation and then are destroyed.