Assistant Dean of Student for Student Assistance

Assistant Dean of Student for Student Assistance

Dan Haverstock

When students get to a crossroad in their college life and say, “I don’t know where to go for…?”

Then Dan Haverstock has the answer.

Haverstock is the new assistant dean of student for student assistance, which is a new position established by the Dean of Students in Student Affairs. They aim to direct students with any serious issues or concerns to Haverstock, in hopes to give a listening ear and recommendations, or to find solutions for problems. The use of on-campus resources is very important to Haverstock.

Haverstock can help assist students with concerns regarding personal sickness, loss of a family member, breakups. He also can direct students to relevant resources for those seeking tutoring, mentors, or aid from professors and advisors. He says, “I have been referred to as a “utility knife” because I am used as a tool for students to get to a position where they can help themselves.”

His listening and direction can help students be heard. The guidance he offers allows students to start feeling differently about their issues. Once students start thinking outside of the box, they tend to find conclusions on their own. According to Haverstock, I love working in student affairs. It is an ideal place to say, “I help people.”

Haverstock is a graduate of Bloomsburg University with an undergrad in Psychology, and graduate degree in Counseling and Student Affairs. Most of his communication experiences have come from his time in grad school. His small “family” and teachers made the time here so enjoyable, he decided to stay. After graduating, he accepted a full time, and face-paced position with the Dean of Students, Dean Young.

Students may find Dan Haverstock in Office 102 in Kehr Union Building. His office hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and may be reached at 570-389-4984. Haverstock has an open door policy and will accept emails at any time.