Graduate Graduation

Graduate Graduation

Graduate Graduation

Fall Graduate Ceremony

Graduate students who anticipate receiving their master’s or doctoral degree in December or January are invited to participate in the Fall commencement ceremony on Friday, December 15, 2017 in Mitrani Hall, Haas Center for the Arts.

6 p.m. for all graduating Graduate students | Master or Doctorate Graduation Application

Candidates and advisors for all degrees must be present at 5 p.m. in the Band Room of Haas Center for the Arts, which is located through the entrance opposite Columbia Hall. Graduates need to be assembled by 5:30 p.m. or will not be permitted to participate. At that time, instructions will be given concerning the procession, seating, and the hooding ceremony.

Commencement Instruction Guide (Powerpoint) Graduation Flow Guide

The following information outlines the ceremony, university policies concerning degree conferral, and frequently asked questions. Participation in the ceremony does not constitute verification of graduation. A student must successfully complete ALL requirements before a degree is awarded. Final grades are not complete by the time the ceremony is held; therefore, diplomas are mailed to the home address of graduating students several weeks after the ceremony.

Cap, Gown, Tassel, and Hood

Each participant must be attired in an academic robe, matching cap, and carrying your hood over your left arm. A predesignated faculty member will hood you on stage. Academic attire for Graduate students must be purchased through The University Store.

If unable to get on campus, the attire may be shipped for a fee. The attire is yours to keep. You may contact The University Store for more information at 570-389-4180. The University Store closes at 4:30 p.m. on Fridays; therefore, academic attire should be purchased in advance.

There will be no extra attire at the ceremony. The robe should be pressed. It is inappropriate to attach flowers, signs or messages on the cap or gown. The cap should be worn flat on the top of the head, with the top of the cap parallel to the floor. The tassel should hang on the left side of the cap.

Commencement Tickets

No tickets are required for the Graduate degree ceremony. Any number of guests may be invited and seating is general admission. Seating is obtained on a first come first served basis. In the event that Mitrani Hall reaches maximum seating capacity, overflow seating with a live video feed will be available for guests in McCormick Auditorium 1303. The ceremony is open to the public.

Provisions for the Disabled and Elderly

Guests in wheelchairs will be seated in the handicapped areas in Mitrani, which are located on the ends of the aisles, halfway down in the lower seating section. Ushers will be available to escort guests to the special seating. Please contact Melissa Buck, at least one month prior to the ceremony, if an interpreter for the hearing impaired is needed. Guests who have trouble walking may be dropped off at the main entrance to Haas Center for the Arts for easier access. Parking for disabled persons is reserved behind Haas Center for the Arts and at the back of Navy Hall. Check with police officers, who will be stationed throughout the campus parking lots, for directions.

Bloomsburg Area Dining and Lodging

See Tripadvisor's Dining and Lodging page for an expanded list of options.

Diploma Covers

Graduates will receive only a diploma cover at the commencement exercises, since grades are not reported until after the graduation ceremony. The diploma and final transcript will be mailed to graduates once the degree is granted. Diplomas will be sent to the home address that is listed in university records. If graduates do not attend the ceremony, a cover may be obtained in the Registrar's office or by contacting Melissa Buck for mailing arrangements.

Photographs at Graduation

Island Photography will email proofs and cost to purchase the photographs of graduates that will be taken as the diploma cover is received and an off stage posed photo. Payment in advance is not necessary in order to view the proofs.

If you do not receive your proofs or have questions, contact Island Photography at 1-800-869-0908 or visit the Island Photography website for assistance.

Holds on Records, Grades, and Transfer Credits

All holds must be cleared from academic records before the degree and diploma are awarded and final transcript is released. Holds include any financial obligation to the university including basic fees, parking tickets, library fines, thesis binding fees, and return of building keys.

Any courses with a grade of Incomplete or Research in Progress must be changed to a letter grade before the degree can be granted. All transfer credits must be received and posted.


Official transcripts can be requested by logging into your MyHusky account. From the Other Academic drop down menu, choose Request Official Transcript.

Announcement Cards

Personalized graduation announcements can be ordered through Jostens 1-800-353-5299 (specify GRADUATE). General graduation announcements can be purchased at The University Store.

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center offers career planning assistance to all students. In addition to individual career counseling sessions, the center provides permanent job opportunity information to graduating students and alumni. Visit the Career Development Center for more information.

Financial Aid Exit Interview

Recipients of the Federal Stafford Loan Program must complete Exit Counseling online prior to graduation. Contact the Financial Aid Office, 119 Student Services Center, 570-389-4279, for more information.

Recipients of the Federal Perkins Loan Program (National Direct Student Loan) must arrange an exit interview through the Business Office in the Waller Administration Building, 570-389-4588, prior to graduation.

No Information Release

If you have stipulated that no information may be released concerning your university records, a written release must be submitted to the Registrar's office, 150 Student Services Center, in order to print your name in the commencement program.

Teacher Certification Applications

Applications for teacher certification are available by contacting Angela McCabe, Teacher Certification Coordinator, College of Education, McCormick, Room 3105, 570-389-5128, or by email.

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