Before Graduation

Before Graduation

Academic Honors

Honors for undergraduate commencement are based on the cumulative grade point average for the semester prior to the Fall. Honors for the diploma and final transcript are based on the cumulative grade point average, including the Fall semester. A minimum of 45 credits must be earned in residence at Bloomsburg University as of the next-to-last semester in order to qualify for honors at the ceremony.

Honors are: Cum Laude, 3.50 to 3.74; Magna Cum Laude, 3.75 to 3.94; and Summa Cum Laude, 3.95 to 4.00.

Application for Graduation

Bloomsburg University, effective Fall 2016, will be utilizing the electronic graduation application through MyHusky. It is the responsibility of the graduating students to complete the application for graduation. If a student has a question or concern about eligibility, contact the advisor or department chairperson as soon as possible.

It is the responsibility of the department to notify expected graduates if there are any graduation deficiencies. September 1 is the deadline for student submission of the application. Department approval is necessary in order to be eligible to participate in commencement, have a name printed in the program, and for the degree to be granted.

Awards Presentation

Awards will be presented for academic and other honors through individual departments. Contact the department or dean with questions or concerns.

Cap, Gown, and Tassel

Effective Spring 2018, the Academic attire for undergraduate students must be purchased online through the University Store. Please place your order online using the following link:

Undergraduate academic regalia consists of black gowns with wide, straight-edged sleeves and black mortarboard caps with maroon and gold tassels. The tassel is worn on the right side of the cap until the degree has been awarded. The uniform of the armed forces is the only other apparel officially recognized and permitted to be worn.
Although there is no dress code for commencement, since the gown has an open collar, appropriate attire should be worn underneath. Men should wear shirts and ties. Any ornamentation, other than university-related honor cords, is not allowed on the cap and gown.

Class Rings

Call 1-800-424-1492 or visit Jostens' website for more information.

Commencement Tickets

Tickets are required for guest admittance to the ceremonies. Tickets will be distributed to graduates at the Graduation Verification Session. Overflow seating with a live video feed will be available in McCormick 1303 and 2303 for any guest without a ticket who wishes to view the ceremony.

Graduation Verification Session

Photo I.D. is necessary to attend the event (details on Graduation home page). This is an opportunity for Bachelor's candidates to obtain the name card (to be used to announce graduates when crossing the stage) and honor cord if eligible. Tickets will also be distributed to graduates at the event. Students are asked to complete the back of the name card for the photographer.

Honors/Honor Cords

Students eligible for a gold academic honor cord (see Academic Honors) will receive the cord at the time they obtain their name card at the Graduation Verification Session or at the Graduation Information table in the lobby of Haas Center for the Arts before the ceremony. All other graduation cords come from the department or program.

Name Cards

At the Graduation Verification Session, expected graduates will be given a color-coded index card with their name as it will appear on the diploma along with academic honors listed if eligible. If the name is difficult to pronounce, print it phonetically on the card. Be sure to bring the name card to the commencement ceremony, as graduates will need to hand this card to the faculty reader to announce names as they cross the stage.

If the card is forgotten or misplaced, another can be made at the Graduation Information table, which will be located in the side lobby of Haas Center for the Arts, where graduates enter the building to line up with their respective college.


There is no rehearsal for the graduation ceremonies. Please read the written instructions under Day of Graduation.


Graduates may call 1-800-687-9327 to schedule an appointment with a photographer for senior pictures. Please contact Community Activities at 570-389-4465 for more information. For more information, please see