Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships

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Some federal fellowships may be offered in selected fields of study, so program coordinators should be contacted regarding availability. In addition, the PHEAA Loan Program is available, as well as student work-study.

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E&G Graduate Assistantship Budget and Process Flowchart for Fiscal Year 2018-2019

Instructions and application process for requesting a GA (FACULTY/STAFF use only!)

Graduate Assistantships Available

McDowell Institute - Spring and Summer 2018
BU Toy Library - Spring 2018
Special Education - Spring 2018
Teaching and Learning - Spring 2018
Zeigler Institute Professional Development - Spring 2018


Graduate assistantships are open to students pursuing a master's degree with varying number of assistantships available in any particular program or department. Stipends are awarded by the assistant vice president and dean of graduate studies and research upon the recommendation of departments with graduate programs. Stipends are available during the academic year and summer sessions. Most students are granted assistantships for one semester at a time. However, some graduate students are granted assistantships under a two-semester contract. Graduate students who have an assistantship in one program are not eligible for an assistantship in a second program. BU assistantships are either "half-time," which require 20 hours of work each week, or "quarter-time," which require 10 hours of work each week. Quarter-time assistants must carry a minimum of 9 semester hours of graduate work and half time GA’s are required to carry a minimum of 6 and maximum of 9 semester hours of graduate work. Both quarter and half-time assistantships provide a 6 credit tuition waiver per semester. The waiver does not include undergraduate prerequisite courses, activity fees, health fees, student union fees, recreational fees, or any other charges incurred.

Graduate Assistant Stipend Information

Fall 2017 Spring 2018 Summer 2018 Total
Quarter time (10 Hrs) $1,463 $1,463 $1,170 $4,096
Half Time (20 Hrs) $2,926 $2,926 $2,340 $8,192


As part of the BU's commitment to affirmative action, 10 graduate assistantships are targeted for minority graduate students. The requirements and conditions of appointment for these assistantships are identical to regular assistantships. Graduate assistantship applications are available online or may be picked up at the graduate studies office. Applications should be submitted to the department or program of which you are applying. Upon award of a graduate assistantship, you will be provided with the document "Criteria for Graduate Assistantship" by the graduate studies office. This document describes graduate school policies for the administration of assistantships.