Third-Party Study-Abroad Organizations

Third-Party Study-Abroad Organizations

Third-party providers are independent organizations that facilitate or administer study-abroad programs. They often act as intermediaries by assisting program participants with logistics like course registration and housing arrangements. While models differ, academic and social guidance is generally included throughout the duration of a program, such as orientation, support services, field trips and cultural activities. Additionally, providers are typically able to provide transcripts that ease credit transfer for students who enroll in their programs based at universities abroad.

Bloomsburg University has official partnership agreements with the following third-party providers:

These providers offer a wide range of opportunities for study abroad throughout the world, although these programs are usually much more expensive than BU exchange programs.


Bloomsburg University does not have contractual agreements with any other third-party providers and does not support any third-party providers unless there is a contractual agreement with BU. Financial aid will not apply to programs from third-party providers other than those partnered with BU. If you choose to study abroad through providers or universities not affiliated with Bloomsburg University, the BU Office of Global Education cannot provide any advise or support.