Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees


Pennsylvania Residents, full-time $3,746 per semester
Non-residents, full-time $9,365 per semester
Pennsylvania Residents, part-time $312 per credit
Non-residents, part-time $780 per credit

Activities, Recreation Fees

Student Union Fee No Charge for Fiscal Year 2017/2018
Student Union Operation Fee $112.50 per semester (12+ credits)
$9.50 per credit (1-11 credits)
Recreation Fee $91 per semester (12+ credits)
$7.75 per credit (1-11 credits)
Community Activity Fee $157.00 per semester (12+ credits)
$13.25 per credit (1-11 credits)
Technology Tuition Fee
Pennsylvania Residents, 12+ credits $232 per semester
Pennsylvania Residents, 1-11 credits $20 per credit
Non-residents, 12+ credits $353 per semester
Non-residents, 1-11 credits $30 per credit
University Fees
Health Service/Wellness Fee $127.50 per semester (9+ credits)
Academic Enhancement Fee $398.00 per semester (12+ credits)
$33.25 per credit (1-11 credits)
Student Success Fee $310.75 per semester (12+ credits)
$26 per credit (1-11 credits)
Registration/Transcript Fee $5 per semester
Transportation Fee $70 per semester

Books and Supplies

Books and supplies are estimated at $600 per semester. Students may secure books and supplies at the University Store. The cost of books is not included in university billing.
Miscellaneous Fees, Charges
Air Conditioning Charge Included in room rate
Application Fee - Non-refundable university application fee $35
Application Fee - International Students $60
Attendance Fee $25
Bad Check/Returned Deposit Fee - Fee assessed for insufficient funds returned checks $30
Child Care Center- Applicable for those who wish to use campus child care services for children. Cost Varies
CLEP Admin Fee (College Level Exam Program) $40 (plus CLEP exam fee)
Credit-by-Examination $30
Detox Room Charge $150
Health Center Additional Services (immunizations, antibiotics, etc.) Cost Varies
Housing Agreement Cancellation $500
ID Card Replacement Fee $25
Late Payment Fee $25
Late Registration - Charged to a student who completes registration after the official registration date. $10
Library Fines Cost Varies
Mailbox Key Replacement Fee $5
Miller Analogies Test $90
New Student Deposit - applies to first semester tuition $200
Parking – Boot Fee - Issued after 3 unpaid parking tickets $25
Parking - Commuter Student Parking Fee $37 per semester
Parking - Fines $15 per ticket
Parking – Resident Student Parking Fee $75 per semester
Printer Paper Fee - Per page over 500 pages per semester $0.04
Program Specific Fees (i.e. Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology Partnership with PSU) Cost Varies
Room Damage/Cleaning Fee and Restitution Cost Varies
Short-Term Faculty-Led Practicum Fee/Program Fee Cost Varies
Short-Term Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program Fee Cost Varies
Study Abroad Application Fee $25.00 per application
Test Proctoring $40
Wired Internet Connection Fee $50
Orientation Fees
Freshmen $95
Transfer Students $95
Summer Freshmen $95
Act 101/EOP (not exempt) $95
Adult - Non-Traditional Students $12