Dr. Steven Si

Dr. Steven Si

Steven Si

Professor of Management
Sutliff 333 | 570-389-4549 | Email

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Selected Publications:

Entrepreneurship and Strategy in Emerging Economies, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 7: 169–180 (2013). SSCI

Entrepreneurship Through a Qualitative Lens, Journal of Business Venturing, forthcoming. SSCI

Human resource management practices on exit, voice, loyalty, and neglect:  
organizational commitment as a mediator, International Journal of Human Resource Management,  Volume 23, Number 8, 1 April 2012 , pp. 1705-1716(12).  SSCI

Transformational and transactional leaderships, empowerment climate, and innovation performance: A multilevel analysis in the Chinese context, European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 21 (2), 299–320, 2012.  SSCI

Tit for tat? Entrepreneurs’ abusive supervision and counterproductive work behaviors: The moderating effects of locus of control and perceived mobility’ Asia Pacific Journal of Management,Volume 30, Issue 1, pp 281-296, 2013.  SSCI

Innovation, Internationalization and Entrepreneurship: A New Venture Based Study,

Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice.  (2012) 14(4): 524–539. SSCI

Psychological Contract Breach and Abusive Supervision: a Mediated Moderation Model, Management Organization and Review, 2013. SSCI

Harmonizing model with transfer tax on water pollution across regional boundaries in a China’s lake basin, European Journal of Operational Research 225 (2013) 377–382.  SCI &SSCI.

Factors Affecting Peasant Entrepreneurs’ Intention in the Chinese Context, International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, accepted on 2013/10. SSCI

Institutional Environments, Entrepreneurship Motivations and IPO Listings:

A Chinese Perspective on Entrepreneurial Decision-Making’, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, accepted  on 2013/10.

A Study of Poverty Reduction through Peasant Entrepreneurship: the Yiwu Case, Asia Pacific Journal of Management special issue, forthcoming.  SSCI

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Poverty’, Asia Pacific Journal of Management special issue, Forthcoming, SSCI

The Effect of Organizational Psychological Contract Violation  on Manager’s EVNL Moodel, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol. 19, No. 5, May 2008, 933–946,  2008.  SSCI