Dr. Gary Robson, Department of Accounting

Dr. Gary Robson, Department of Accounting

Gary Robson

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Representative Research:

  • Mark D. Law and Gary S. Robson, “A Case Study for Accounting Information Systems – A business Continuity Plan for Protecting Critical Financial Information in the NYC Financial Services Industry.” Review of Business Information Systems, Vol. 18, No.1, 2014, pp. 15-22.
  • Dennis B. K. Hwang, Gary S. Robson, Teng- Shih Wang and Jyh-Shan Lan, “The SME's Capital Structure in Taiwan: the Effect of the Global Financial Crisis of 2007,” Journal of Business and Economics, Vol. 5, No. 1, 2014, pp. 249-259.
  • Dennis B. K. Hwang, Chin Ling Chu, Hsuehchang Tsai, and Gary S. Robson, “Corporate Governance and Earnings Management in Taiwan,” International Research Journal of Applied Finance, Vol. 4, No. 7, 2013, pp.874-893.

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