Dr. Jonathan Ohn

Dr. Jonathan Ohn

Jonathan Ohn Department of Finance
Sutliff 336 | 570-389-4250 | Email

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Lehigh University, Ph. D. and M.B.A.; Seoul National University, M.B.A. and B.S.

Representative Research:

  • Jang, S., Kim, S., and Ohn, J. (Forthcoming in 2015). The role of government in encouraging entrepreneurship in emerging economies: The case of Korean ventures. In Ghauri, P., and Kirpalani, M., Handbook of Research on International Entrepreneurship Strategy: Improving SME Performance Globally. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.
  • M. Akhtaruddin, and Ohn, J. (2014). Investment Opportunity, Corporate Governance and their Impact on Corporate Transparency. International Research Journal of Applied Finance, Vol V, No. 2, 105-121.
  • Ohn, J. (2014). Cointegration between Stock Prices and Dividends and Expected Returns, International Journal of Business and Applied Sciences.
  • Ohn, I., and Crooks, D. (2013). On the Determinants of the Annual Earnings of the LPGA and PGA Golfers. International Journal of Business and Applied Sciences.
  • Ohn, J., and Bealing, W. (2012). The Determinants of Annual Earnings for PGA Players under the New PGA’s FedEx Cup System. Review of Applied Economics, Vol. 8, No. 1, 95-105.
  • Ohn, J. (2011). The U.S. Duration Puzzle Revisited: The 1990s and 2000s, Journal of Business and Economics, Volume 2, No 4, 243-251.
  • Ohn, J., Okpara, J., and Vidovic, M. (2011). Unemployment and Stability of Wage Determination: United States versus New York State. New York Economic Review, 41 (1), 3-13, Volume XLI, p3-13 (2010).
  • Ohn, J., Taylor, L., and Kish, R. (Forthcoming). The Effectiveness of the Price-Dividend Relationship in Forecasting Expected Returns. Finance Letters.