Dr. Frank D. D'Angelo

Dr. Frank D. D'Angelo

Associate Professor, Early Childhood and Adolescent Education McCormick 2219 
570-389-4812 | Email


2017 Bethlehem/Easton Practicum

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2017 Huskies Help 5k Awards

2017 Huskies Help 5k Results

STEM Students

STEM Camp Students

FALL 2017 - Appointment Scheduling Protocols....

Please remember the directions for scheduling an appointment for Fall Semester:

1. The sole method of scheduling an appointment is to use the sign up sheet to the left of my office door. I don't schedule appointments via email or another electronic system. I have found that when students actually go and sign up for a time, they appear for their meeting. Thus, this is the system I use.

2. Advising electronically is something that has a high potential for error, thus I avoid this method. As an example, if you have a question about a class fitting your program of study, I ask we personally meet. Neither of us wants to make a mistake with something as important as your progression towards graduation. Spend the time to make an appointment.

3. If you need either packet signed, please sign up for a 30-minute window.

4. If you can't make an appointment, please provide as much notice as possible. Emailing me that you are not coming 5 minutes prior to your appointment is not professional, nor does it allow for a peer to utilize that time slot.

5. All my office hours can be found as they are posted on my office door or below.

Have a great summer!!

I will be on campus on June 27th and 28th. If you need to reach me please email me.

Summer 2017 Class Schedule

ELEMED 340.99 - Summer Session 1 - 12 Weeks - Online.

PROFSTUD 301/501.99 - Summer Session 1 - 12 Weeks - Online.

Bethlehem/Easton Urban Practicum - May 14th to May 25th. Portfolios are due on June 2, 2017.

STEM Practicum - Held on campus - June 4th to June 9th. May 31st is the all day pre-planning session.

Fall 2017 Class Schedule.

ELEMED 351.01 - Tu/Th - 8am to 9:15am

ELEMED 340.01 - Tu/Th - 9:30am to 10:45am

ELEMED 340.99 - Online

Tentatively - Student Teacher Supervision as assigned.

Fall 2017 Office Hours - Use the sign up sheet to the left of my office door to schedule a time.

Tuesdays - 7:00am to 8:00am and 10:45am to 11:00am

Thursdays - 7:00am to 8:00am and 10:45am to 11:00am

Monday, Wednesday, and/or Friday - Two and one-half hours in various schools where student teachers are placed.

Education Northcentral University, Ed. D., Educational Leadership, 2006 Immaculata University, Superintendent’s Certification, Educational Leadership, 2005 University of Scranton, Elementary & Secondary Principal Certificates, Educational Administration, 1988 Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, Elementary Supervisory Certificate, 1988 Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, M.Ed., Elementary Education, 1985 Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education (K-6) History Concentration, 1983

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