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Faculty Scholarship

Eric Kahn

Eric Kahn, Ph.D., associate professor of mathematics and digital sciences, published a paper entitled, “Teaching History of Mathematics: A Dialogue,” in the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics (HMNJ). This work was in collaboration a mathematician at the University of Kentucky. HMNJ was inspired by the work of Alvin White, a former professor of mathematics at Harvey Mudd College. White believed wholeheartedly in the importance of recognizing mathematics as a humanistic discipline and played a significant role in bringing this idea to the forefront of many minds.

Dina Clark

Dina Clark, Ph.D., assistant professor of accounting, presented a paper (Clark D., Lin S., Turner E., Clark W. Does comparability with local GAAP improve when firms adopt IFRS?) on the International Accounting Session (IAS) of the American Accounting Association (AAA) conference in January. AAA is the largest community of accountants in academia. Founded in 1916, we have a rich and reputable history built on leading-edge research and publications.

Kevin Ferland

Kevin Ferland, Ph.D., professor of mathematics and digital sciences, gave a talk, “Advancing Results in Maximum Toughness,” at a joint meeting of the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America in Baltimore. Ferland spoke about his work on finding communication network designs that are maximally resistant to node failures that he conducted while on sabbatical (Fall 2017).