Exercise Science (B.S.) Required Courses

Exercise Science (B.S.) Required Courses

In addition to the university general education requirements, a minimum of 60 semester hours are required for a major in Exercise Science.

Exercise Science Foundation (6 credits)

EXERSCI 161 Introduction to Exercise Science
EXERSCI 321 First Aid, Safety, AED

Scientific Foundation (15 credits)

BIOLOGY 173 Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOLOGY 174 Anatomy and Physiology II
EXERSCI 351 Kinesiology
EXERSCI 378 Exercise Physiology I

Exercise Science Core (24 credits)

BIOLOGY 205 Intro to Nutrition
EXERSCI 294 Resistance Training Techniques
EXERSCI 306 Psychology of Sport and Exercise
EXERSCI 360 Sport Nutrition
EXERSCI 380 Research Methods in Exercise Science
EXERSCI 414 Exercise Prescription and Programming for Special Populations
EXERSCI 477 Exercise Prescription/Program
EXERSCI 478 Exercise Physiology II

Elective Courses (9 credits) - Students must complete 9 credits selected from the following list of EXERSCI elective courses.

EXERSCI 280 Current Issues in Health Promotion
EXERSCI 282 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
EXERSCI 283 Group Fitness Instructor
EXERSCI 284 Aquatic Exercise Programming
EXERSCI 285 Exercise and Mental Health
EXERSCI 287 Introduction to Coaching
EXERSCI 304 Principles of Resistance Training
EXERSCI 311 Methods and Materials of Elementary School Physical Education
EXERSCI 397 Adult Health and Development
EXERSCI 413 Current Issues in Sport and Exercise*
EXERSCI 450 ECG Interpretation/Exercise Testing
EXERSCI 452 Cardiac Rehabilitation
EXERSCI 453 Clinical Exercise Physiology*
EXERSCI 454 Clinical Exercise Specialist and Health Fitness Instructor*

Internship (6 to 12 credits)

EXERSCI 498 Internship – Capstone work experience completed at end of EXERSCI curriculum. Complete a minimum of 40 internship hours per credit.

(*) Dual listed Course for both Undergraduate and Graduate

Students must complete all Exercise Science major requirements (60 credits) with a letter grade of β€œC” or better in order to be eligible for graduation.