Exercise Science Faculty

Exercise Science Faculty

Joseph L. Andreacci, Ph.D., graduate program coordinator, professor

Joseph L. Andreacci

Dr. Andreacci, who holds degrees from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, B.S.; Bloomsburg University, M.S.; and University of Pittsburgh, Ph.D., teaches graduate courses in Current Issues in Sport and Exercise.

He teaches undergraduate courses in Weight Training and Fitness, Basketball, Exercise and You, Introduction to Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology, First Aid and Safety. His research interests include pediatrics and energy metabolism.

Andreacci's Scholarship and Publications

Joseph B. Hazzard Jr., Ed.D., CAT program coordinator, assistant professor

Joseph B. Hazzard Jr.

Dr. Hazzard, who holds degrees from Salem College, W.Va., B.S.; Shippensburg University, M.S.; and Temple University Ed.D., teaches undergraduate courses in Bowling, Volleyball, Exercise and You, Tennis, Badminton, Psychology of Sport, Exercise and Mental Health, Decisions for Healthy Behavior.

His research interest include sports medicine, athletic training and sports psychology.


Thomas F. Martucci, undergraduate program coordinator, assistant professor

Thomas F. Martucci

Dr. Martucci, who holds degrees from Trenton State College, B.S., and University of North Carolina, M.A., teaches undergraduate courses in Judo Self Defense, First Aid and Safety and Advanced Resistance Training Techniques.

Andrea Fradkin, Ph.D., associate professor

Dr. Fradkin, who holds degrees from Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia, B.App.Sci. (Hons) and M.H.Sc.; and Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, Ph.D., teaches graduate courses in Exercise Program Administration and Mechanics of Human Movement.

Andrea Fradkin

She teaches undergraduate courses in Tennis, Racquet Sports, Combative Sports, Bowling, Volleyball, Health and Safety in Elementary Education, Kinesiology, Exercise and You, University Seminar, Aquatics, First Aid and Safety, Golf, Jogging and Walking, Research Methods in Exercise Science. Her research interests include injury prevention, biomechanics, epidemiology and performance improvement.

Fradkin's Scholarship and Publications

Kelly Dauber, Ph.D., assistant professor

Kelly Dauber

Dr. Dauber, who holds degrees from William Smith College, B.S., and Springfield College, M.S. and Ph.D., teaches undergraduate courses in Methods and Materials in Elementary School Physical Education, Psychology of Sport, Aquatic Exercise Prescription, Exercise and You, Lifeguarding, Weight Training and Fitness, Aquatics, Women in Sport and University Seminar.

Her research interests include coaching leadership, physical education pedagogy/teacher preparation, youth sport/exercise and life skills development.

Dauber's Publications and Presentations

Swapan Mookerjee, Ph.D., professor

Dr. Mookerjee, who holds degrees from Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education, Gwalior, India, B.P.E. and M.P.E.; and University of Wisconsin, Ph.D., teaches graduate courses in Research Methods in Exercise Science, Instrumentation and Laboratory Techniques.

Swapan Mookerjee

He teaches undergraduate courses in Exercise Prescription and Programming, Exercise Physiology I, Exercise Physiology II, Principles of Resistance Training. His research interests include exercise metabolism, strength training and environmental physiology.

Mookerjee's Scholarship and Publications

Noah Wasielewski, Ph.D., assistant professor

Noah Wasielewski

Dr. Wasielewski, who holds degrees from Slipper Rock University, B.S.; Auburn University, M.S.; and the University of Oregon, Ph.D., teaches graduate courses in Therapeutic Modalities, Introduction to Athletic Training, Supervised Clinical II and Pathophysiology/Pharmacology.

He teaches undergraduate courses in Team Sports, Exercise and You, and Care and Prevention of Musculoskeletal Injuries.