English Faculty

English Faculty


Below is a list of the current Department of English faculty. It's best to check the departmental office for their current information if you encounter any problems. You can contact Nancy Rothermel, the department secretary, if you have any questions or concerns.

Faculty Office Hours (Printable Version)



Ferdâ Asya

111A BCH, ext 4433

Mary Bernath

119A BCH, ext. 4719

Janice Broder

116A BCH, ext. 4431

Angelo Costanzo

106B BCH, ext. 4738

Mark Decker (Acting Department Chair Fall 2018)

116B BCH, ext. 4337

David Durian

106A BCH, ext. 4976

Betina Entzminger

115A BCH, ext. 4432

Christina Francis

113B BCH, ext. 4661

Randy Koch

317A BCH, ext. 4429

Claire T. Lawrence 

108B BCH, ext. 4658

Michael Martin

106C BCH, ext. 4905

Mark Noon

318 BCH, ext. 4975

David Randall

114 BCH, ext. 4430

Terrance Riley

108A BCH, ext. 4736

Danny Robinson

113A BCH, ext. 4718

Ted Roggenbuck

206 BCH, ext. 4428

Sabah Salih

117A BCH, ext. 4827

Anne-Dyer Stuart

319B BCH,ext. 5178

Julie Vandivere

109A BCH, ext. 4954 (Honors Program Director)

A.G. "Jerry" Wemple (Asst Department Chair Fall 2018)

118 BCH, ext. 4881

Stephen Whitworth

1219 MCHS, ext. 4717

Rebecca Willoughby

109B BCH, ext. 4716