Employee of the Month Winners

May 2018

Brad Swenson from the Academic Advisement Center has been named the Employee of the Month for May 2018.

The Employee of the Month recognizes those individuals who serve BU in an exceptional manner with outstanding service through his or her work and a positive and supportive attitude.

Brad was nominated by Bob Heckrote from the Office of Military and Veterans Resources who wrote, “Brad is constantly sought for his expertise in general education, strategic planning considerations, summer freshmen, and I personally have consulted almost every aspect of BU’s progress with military initiatives with him. Brad plays such a vital role at this university that I cringe at the thought of him ever leaving. Students and professionals alike seek out Brad when they need help. When students talk with their friends, they say, “If you’re having an issue, go see Brad.”

Heckrote also continued in his nomination of Swenson. “I met Brad in my undergraduate time here at BU, and I can honestly say I would not be here if it were not for Brad taking the time to guide me through my time and my education. I was not an undeclared student, yet Brad went out of his way to help me because that is just the way he is. Through undergrad, grad, and now as a professional, I have witnessed Brad display this type of behavior countless times. Brad is a passionate person and demonstrates professionalism and enthusiasm in all he does. In a typical day, Brad has the capability of sitting in a thirty-minute session with a student who is sobbing because they are going to be dismissed from school and end the session with the student smiling and thanking him. He can then quickly transition to a department meeting and provide such detailed and valuable insight that many people might overlook or completely disregard. He will then most often take care of a few phone calls or emails over his lunchtime to help students and parents. He shows up early, and stays late to ensure the students are taken care of and his work is perfect. He never stops working and is such a wealth of knowledge across a vast array of areas, that I am still in awe to this day. Brad is also the type of person who can connect different offices and divisions through his social network. I have made many professional connections as a result of Brad’s introduction. He also has the best interest of the student, the division, and the university in mind at all times. Additionally, his enthusiasm constantly shows through by his level of animation, excitement, and attention to detail across all areas.”

As part of this honor, Brad will enjoy a $100 cash award, a designated/reserved faculty/staff parking space of his choice for the month of the award; two tickets to a BU athletic competition; and two meal vouchers at the Scranton Commons.

To nominate a deserving individual for the award, please go to http://intranet.bloomu.edu/employee-month-nomination.

Brad Swenson and President Bashar Hanna