Nakul Kumar, Assistant Professor

Nakul Kumar, Assistant Professor

Department of Economics

Nakul Kumar

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Dr. Kumar joined Bloomsburg University in the Fall of 2013, before which he was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Denison University in Granville, Ohio. Kumar received his Ph.D. from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia in the Fall of 2012. His doctoral dissertation titled ‘The Political Economy of Indian Disaster Relief’ uses Public Choice Theory to analyze the impact of the politicization of disaster relief on the quality of relief and rehabilitation efforts in India.

Dr. Kumar has worked extensively in Development Policy in India, and most recently consulted for the World Bank Group in Washington D.C. on Rice Price Inflation in East Asia.

Dr. Kumar’s research and teaching interests include International Development, Economics of Globalization and Economic Analysis of Political Behavior. He has taught courses in African Economic Development, Comparative Development and Economics of Transition. At Bloomsburg he teaches Principles of Economics, Business & Economics Statistics and Special Topics in Economics.

As a member of the BU community, Dr. Kumar is actively engaged with curriculum development, and also advises the Bloomsburg University Model United Nations. He serves as the Assistant Director for the Double Degree Program in Economics with the Finance University in Moscow, Russia. Dr. Kumar was recently inducted to the Bloomsburg Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi, and serves as their Public Relations Officer.

Research Interests:
International Political Economy/Public Choice, Economics of Development and International Economics

Recent Publications

Refereed Articles:
1. Incentives and Expectations: Community Resiliency and Recovery in Tamil Nadu after the Indian Ocean Tsunami. The Independent Review, 2017. 22(1), Forthcoming.

2. The Political Economy of Intergovernmental Transfers – Evidence from Indian Disaster Relief. Journal of South Asian Development, 2016. 11(3), pp. 261-275.

Book Chapters:
1. Jobs & Employment: Mumbai in Jing Luo (ed.) Cities Around the World – Struggles for Solution to Urban Life. 2018. Forthcoming.

2. Solid Waste Management: New Delhi in Jing Luo (ed.) Cities Around the World – Struggles for Solution to Urban Life. 2018. Forthcoming.

3. JNNURM & the Urban Poor: A Critical Assessment’ (2008), (with Ruchira Sen and Dr. V.K Dhar) in ‘An Anthology on Poverty, Atlantic Books, India.

Non- Refereed Publications:
“Lao People’s Democratic Republic: Responding to Rice Price Inflation”, World Bank Report No. 62276-LA, August 2011 (With Josef L. Loening)