Bloomsburg University - Community Task Force on Racial Equality

Bloomsburg University - Community Task Force on Racial Equality

The University-Community Task Force on Racial Equity is committed to addressing the issues of discrimination and overt racism at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and in the Town of Bloomsburg.  Each year the Task Force sponsors the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Dinner and the Martin Luther King Jr. Poster Contest.


-to identify and examine issues of discrimination, including racial issues that are systemic in nature, in the Bloomsburg community;
-to sensitize the university-community to these issues;
-to develop short and long-term strategies for change, such as increasing awareness of the value of diversity in the region through dialogue, sensitivity training, and special events celebrating our uniqueness and cultural differences; and
-to develop action plans for creating a comfortable and safe community environment that encourages inclusion of all people.

To carry out its goals and objectives, the task force has chosen to address the following areas:  education, safety, communication (media), and climate.  Task force committees are committed to developing action plans and carrying out the short and long-term work of the task force.  The realization that long-term problems cannot be "fixed" overnight is critical to one's ability to work in gray areas and willingness to accept the challenges - successes and failures - that are a part of the process of creating an open community.

As a task force, members are committed to the belief that, in order to change attitudes, we must start with ourselves.  Examining our own attitudes and sharing these insights with each other is an essential, ongoing process.  We seek to understand and trust each other and, at the same time, become more knowledgeable about issues of discrimination and racism.