Is distance education right for me?

Is distance education right for me?

Distance education courses offer increased flexibility allowing you to balance family, work and school. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before registering for an online course.

Online courses are as rigorous as face-to-face courses and contain the same material. The courses are not self-paced; classes begin and end on the same schedule as regular campus classes and assignments/exams are due on specific days. Transcripts do not note a difference in the delivery mode of the course at BU.

A distance learner is someone who:

  • Can work independently
  • Has the time to commit to study
  • Takes advantage of the resources and services available
  • Has excellent time management skills
  • Has strong reading and writing skills
  • Has basic computer skills

Here is an interactive quiz to assess your readiness for a distance education course — Am I ready for distance learning?