Conference Services Parking

Conference Services Parking

Parking on campus will be arranged for your group by your Conference Services event coordinator in consultation with BU's Safety & Police. Parking is available in the university’s commuter lot located in front of Bloomsburg Hospital.

To get there, continue straight from the second traffic signal approximately one-half mile. The parking lot is on the right. A pedestrian foot bridge over Lightstreet Road leads to campus. Parking is also provided in the tri-level parking garage which is convenient to Carver Hall Auditorium and the Kehr Union Building. To get there, continue straight from the second traffic signal approximately two miles, just past the commuter parking lot, turn left onto Penn Street.

At the stop sign, Carver Hall is on the left; the tri level is across East Second Street from Carver Hall. Parking on-campus is restricted during regular business hours on weekdays. If you arrive on campus before 5 p.m. stop at the Buckingham Maintenance Building or Carver Hall to request a visitor’s parking pass and directions for where you can park closest to your destination. Failure to display a parking pass during regular business hours will result in a parking citation that carries a $15 fine. Parking in the evening and on weekends is more relaxed, and passes are not generally needed.

Please observe any signs indicating handicapped parking and reserved parking and near loading docks. Handicapped parking is available in all of the areas mentioned above, indicated by signs, blue lines and curbing. A handicapped license plate or hanger is needed to park in these areas.