Meet Our Students

Meet Our Students

Alex Reynolds

Undergraduate degree: Art, Salisbury University

Practical, Connected, and Stimulating . . . I was attracted to the Bloomsburg CSA program by how connected the faculty and students are to the program in its entirety. Seeing how passionate and engaging
Alex Reynolds all people involved in the program are, provoked me to become more immersed in my studies compared to that of my undergraduate courses. I have been most influenced by how intellectually stimulated I am by the coursework and its application to my work as a graduate hall director. The learning from coursework and application to real settings is seamless. The faculty does a phenomenal job of making this continuous aspect present in our overall experience.

My graduate assistantship . . . As a Graduate Hall Director for the Montgomery Place Apartments under the Office of Residence Life, I supervise my own staff of Community Assistants and assist with the daily operations of my apartment complex. This has been highly immersive and beneficial to my goal of working in student affairs.

A sense of community . . . The CSA community is inclusive and supportive. I feel an amazing sense of comradery with like-minded people. Both my cohort as well as the 2nd year cohort have been nothing less than welcoming and helpful throughout my time here at Bloomsburg in the CSA program! The professors are very knowledgeable and experienced with the curriculum and have such a passion for student affairs. With this, receiving and utilizing the lessons learned in class have assisted me greatly through the program so far.

Joy Marie Codilla

B.A., Psychology and Criminology & Criminal Justice, William Paterson University in New Jersey.

Why Bloomsburg . . . I chose to attend Bloomsburg University because it was the only school that gave me the feeling of “home.” I felt like I belonged here. The campus is beautiful and there are many resources that can help a student succeed.
Joy Codilla
The professors and curriculum drew me to the CSA program. These aspects of the program help students become the Student Affairs professionals they wish to be when they graduate. I have never heard a negative comment about the program and I see why students enjoy this program.

The role of an assistantship . . . My graduate assistantship is currently at Bloomsburg’s Student Activities Office where I co-advise the university’s program board. I help program board plan small and large scale programs that students can enjoy, such as Bingo and the Semi-Formal dance. Also, I co-advise the homecoming committee and the concert committee. With the concert committee, I have learned what it takes to plan a successful concert that students will enjoy. Overall, I am having a lot fun while learning many lessons and skills that can be carried over into other areas of Student Affairs.

A scholar-practitioner program . . . The curriculum and coursework is challenging but it forces me to think and act like a student affairs professional. The most impactful thing about this program is the people I have met. Through the program and my graduate assistantship, I have met many different people who work in their own unique way. Being able to look at those different aspects and apply them for myself has been incredibly influential. My classmates and I support each other inside and outside of the classroom. We’re all willing to help each other and they’ve become some of my closest friends. The CSA faculty is very helpful and have an open door policy. Combined, the faculty has a lot of experience in Student Affairs and can give insight to their students about the field.