Resources for Students

Resources for Students


CSA Resources

•   College Student Affairs
•   Program Standards, Goals & Objectives
•   Admission Information
•   Assistantships, Field Experiences
•   Curriculum, Courses
•   Faculty & Staff
•   About Our Graduates
•   Meet Our Students
•   Student Engagement
•   Student Resources
•   Chi Sigma Alpha

Program Listservs

Two listservs are available to facilitate communication between and among CSA students and affiliated faculty.  This helps the program coordinator and faculty insure that all students receive the same information in a timely manner.  Messages address topics such as course scheduling, academic advising, social events, and professional resources.

Students and faculty are routinely added to the CSA list as they begin the academic program.  We also recommend adding yourself to the CSAJobs list. Instructions for both lists are noted here.

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The following publications and forms concern the CSA Program

Weekly Higher Education Publications

Noteworthy CSA Publications

CSA Facebook Page

College Student Affairs

Click the link above to join our program Facebook group.  Initiated to promote communication between students and recent graduates, you will find job postings, CSA related information, and general program updates on this page.  We encourage you to join this community.