Our People

At its core, the Student Affairs profession is about its people.

Our Students

Miranda Carrasquillo

Undergraduate degree: Psychology, Bloomsburg University
Miranda Carrasquillo

The careful attention paid to each of the students in the cohort by our professors has been incredibly impactful. The professors have connected with--and are invested in--each of us on an individual level. This makes for an empowering and supportive atmosphere. I feel I can approach any of my professors with anything I need, and that dynamic has influenced me greatly and helped me thrive in the CSA program.

At the same time, the coursework is robust and hands-on. There is an emphasis on practical application of concepts discussed in the classroom. Courses are often a small class-size and discussion-based so that all student's voices are equally heard and valued. I feel challenged in my learning.

The CSA students form an involved and connected community. Everyone involved is very inclusive, supportive, and open. Most of us are in a lot of the same courses together yet still continue to interact outside of class. We are constantly communicating with each other via social media and group messaging, attend campus events, and frequently collaborate in our GA positions (to name a few). The CSA cohort truly is a unified little community.

My passion lies specifically with first-year adjustment and transition into the college experience. Through the unrelenting support of my peers, professors and the experiential aspect of the coursework, I absolutely feel secure and prepared for what's to come.

Phillip Mensch

Undergraduate degree: International Relations, Penn State University
Phillip Mensch

My career aspiration is to work in global education. My undergraduate degree, full-time work experiences, and what I have learned through the CSA program have given me a unique set of skills that will prepare me for this work. Last year, I was the graduate assistant with the Zeigler Institute for Professional Development in the Zeigler College of Business. This GA exposed me to a multitude of students (over 1500!) and allowed me to delve into professional development research and conference planning. I’m excited for Fall 2018 when I will be the first-ever GA for the Office of Global and Multicultural Education allowing me to garner experience directly correlated to my field of interest.

The hands-on practical work I receive through my GA, coupled with the literature and classwork, has given me an important and solid understanding of the foundations of College Student Affairs along with relevant practical skills. I appreciate how the program encourages students to profoundly think about different aspects and issues associated with student affairs and higher education.

It was evident to me very quickly that the CSA program had a very tight knit community. Without sounding too cliché, I consider my CSA cohort to be a second family.

The Faculty

The faculty of the College Student Affairs program is central to your experience as a student. In addition to standard teaching, scholarship, and service responsibilities, the CSA faculty engage with students as academic advisors, mentors, and scholars. Their engagement within the Student Affairs profession is apparent via involvement in professional associations, as presenters at conferences, collaborations with student affairs practitioners, and as student organization advisors. All three of the core faculty associated with the CSA program have earned doctoral degrees and considerable years of professional practice.

Denise L. Davidson, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator and Associate Professor
McCormick Center 1136

Mindy Andino, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor
McCormick Center 1118

Kristin Austin, Ed.D.
McCormick Center 1120

Mark Bauman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
McCormick Center 1119

Faculty Bios

Denise L. Davidson, Professional Experience and Interests

Denise L. Davidson
As a teacher of graduate students, my objective is to promote mastery of content and to help students bridge the gap between concepts and practical application. Ultimately, I want students to be prepared to apply critical thinking, analysis, and communication skills to practical and theoretical material when they complete their master’s program and begin their professional careers.

My career in student affairs and higher education includes work in public and private institutions of various sizes in five different states. I have worked in several different areas of student affairs including residence life, student conduct, academic advising, student financial aid, fraternity and sorority affairs, and student activities. In addition, I’ve taught courses at several different institutions at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Early job departure and job satisfaction of student affairs professionals, for-profit higher education (particularly student affairs), and issues surrounding housing and residence life are recent focal points for my scholarship efforts.

In additional to my professional experience, I am an active member of ACPA: College Student Educators-International and have presented at numerous conferences including ACPA, NASPA, NASPA Region 2, PCPA, MACUHO, and ACUHO-I. I serve as an associate editor of The Journal of College and University Student Housing and as a reviewer for the Journal of Leadership Education and Syllabus Journal.

• B.A., Biology, Clark University
• M.S., College Student Personnel Services, Miami University (Ohio)
• Ph.D., Higher Education Administration, Bowling Green State University

Dissertation: National Job Satisfaction of Entry- and Mid-level Student Affairs Administrators

Mindy Suzanne Andino, Professional Experience and Interests

Mindy Suzanne Andino
Dr. Mindy Andino earned her Ed.D. at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. In 2013, Dr. Andino completed a year-long Frederick Douglass Teaching Scholars Fellowship at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and then assumed a tenure-track teaching position in the College Student Affairs program. Prior to teaching, Dr. Andino was employed in various positions in Student Affairs departments, with a specialty in residence life, crisis management, athletic academic advising, disability support services, advising clubs and organizations, student activities and judicial affairs. Her 15 year career spanning a large research one public land-grant institution, a mid-size state university, an Ivy League university, and a private liberal arts university provide her with a unique lens and collection of diverse experiences from which to draw.

Andino strives to prepare students for a career in college student affairs by challenging students to think critically, enhance their skills, and go outside their comfort zone to experience different aspects of the student affairs profession.

Her research interests include community organization in the higher education setting, drunkorexia and alcohol use and multicultural competency in student affairs practitioners.

She is an active member of PCPA: Pennsylvania College Student Educators-International currently serving as President. In addition, Andino is active in the Rutgers Club of Central PA serving as the President.

• BA – Communications (Rutgers Cook College)
• Universidad de Salamanca, Espana – Study Abroad
• Ed.M. – Administration and Supervision of Education (Rutgers University Graduate School of Education)
• Ed.D – Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education (Rutgers University Graduate School of Education)

Dissertation: The Influence of a Community Organizing Project on Resident Assistants: Understanding of Leadership, Gender Inequalities, and Long Term Career Development

Kristin Austin, Professional Experience and Interests

Kristin Austin
After starting my educational journey as a bridge program student, I proudly earned my bachelor’s degree in social work from Bloomsburg University three short years later. As an actively engaged undergraduate student, I was bitten by the student affairs bug! The perfect cure was earning a Master’s degree in counseling with an emphasis in college student affairs, which I completed in 2006. The culmination of these experiences led to a 15-year student affairs journey- including domestic and international universities- in positions focusing on educational access, new student orientation, and student leadership development.

Most recently, I spent the past nine years at Bloomsburg University welcoming and transitioning each new class of first year students and families in my role as Coordinator for New Student Orientation and Assistant Director in the Center for Leadership and Engagement. Effective fall of 2017, I transitioned to the role of Frederick Douglass Fellow in the Department of Teaching & Learning also at Bloomsburg University. Here, I mutually teach and learn as a faculty member in the Educational Leadership and College Student Affairs graduate program. Presently, I am a doctoral candidate in the Higher Education Administration program at Immaculata University in Malvern, PA. My dissertation research was a phenomenological study exploring parents of first-year students as a source of support and retention through the mobilization of a social media based support group.

On a personal note, I am the proud partner to a fellow higher education professional and three small people call me “mommy.” My hobbies include long, romantic walks alone through the aisles of Target. Finally, my motto is: “Always ask. Always try. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no. If you don’t try, someone else will.”

• Bachelor of Arts in Social Work, Bloomsburg University of PA
• Master of Arts in College Student Affairs, Edinboro University of PA
• Doctoral Education, Higher Education Administration, Immaculata University

Our Alumni
Graduates of the CSA program have secured positions across the US, literally from coast to coast. Their roles represent a range of functional areas, from academic advising and coaching, to residence life and career services, and admissions and international student advising.

Take a look at where CSA alumni have secured employment!

Mark Bauman, Professional Experience and Interests

Mark Bauman
I’ve worked professionally in student affairs for approximately 14 years – mostly in the areas of residence life and judicial affairs. I moved to a faculty role in the summer of 2008 and became program coordinator around 2012. More recently, and in coordination with my faculty role, I coordinated the Living and Learning programs (three years) and the Sophomore Success program (one year). My goal as a teacher is to balance the theoretical/philosophical/empirical underpinnings of student affairs with real-time, real-world scenarios. In that student affairs and higher education is constantly evolving, opportunities for such application are limitless.

• BA – Sociology (Bloomsburg University)
• MA – Psychology (Marywood University)
• MS – Instructional Technology (Bloomsburg University)
• PhD – Higher Education Administration (Pennsylvania State University)



My cohort was my extended family. We truly loved our trivia and wings on Wednesday nights; playing charades, hosting Halloween parties, we truly became a tight knit family. We had this mindset that we were all in this together and support was essential to our academic success.  – Daniel Koski, Senior Admissions Counselor, Rosemont College

Daniel Koski