The faculty of the College Student Affairs program is central to your experience as a student. In addition to standard teaching, scholarship, and service responsibilities, the CSA faculty engage with students as academic advisors, mentors, and scholars. Their engagement within the Student Affairs profession is apparent via involvement in professional associations, as presenters at conferences, collaborations with student affairs practitioners, and as student organization advisors. All three of the core faculty associated with the CSA program have earned doctoral degrees and considerable years of professional practice.


Denise L. Davidson, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator, Associate Professor
Faculty Profile
McCormick Center 1136
Mindy Andino, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor
Faculty Profile
McCormick Center 1118
Kristin Austin, M.A.
Faculty Profile
McCormick Center 1120
Mark Bauman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Faculty Profile
McCormick Center 1119
Stacey Potora
Secretary, Department of Teaching and Learning


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“The faculty in the program are so caring and really get to know each student on a personal level, and because of that I was able to make individual progress on anything from my writing skills to my confidence level as a professional in the field. Now going into my 3rd year in my current role, I still think about topics that I learned in my CSA classes and books that I read to keep guiding me through.”

– Evelynn Guzman ’15, New Student Orientation Coordinator, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Evelynn Guzman