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Student Engagement


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Charlotte Lotz
"One of the many highlights of the program for me was the chance I had to attend The Placement Exchange and the famed annual NASPA conference. I would have never been able to attend if it was not for the funding I received from the university. Because of the financial support, I was able to participate in my first national conference, learning even more about the student affairs field through attending informative sessions and networking with student affairs professionals from across the US."
Charlotte Lotz ’16

Volunteering and Getting Involved

Throughout your experience at Bloomsburg, various volunteer—or student engagement—opportunities will present themselves and we highly encourage your involvement.

On Campus at Bloomsburg:

This might include serving as a mentor to a student enrolled in the Act 101 program, assisting with implementation of campus events, advising a student organization, or facilitating a small group discussion with wildly successful Hook Up Culture campus program. We also encourage CSA students to engage with the CSA program and their peers through Chi Sigma Alpha.

The Profession:

Students are encouraged to engage with the larger field of College Student Affairs:

Students are encouraged to engage with the larger field of College Student Affairs:
• Become involved with our journal. The Student Affairs Graduate Almanac (SAGA) is an academic journal “by graduate students, for graduate students.” This recent initiative seeks to encourage students’ scholarly curiosity by providing an opportunity to publish written work in an outlet shared across student affairs departments and graduate programs in Pennsylvania.
• Attend a local, state, or regional professional conference
• Propose and present an educational session at a professional conference—by yourself, with a classmate, with a CSA faculty member, with a student affairs practitioner
• Volunteer for committee work (sometimes called Commissions or Knowledge Communities)
• Write a blog post or write a regular blog series like Bloomsburg University Explore
• Apply to become an ACPA Ambassador or NASPA G.A.P. affiliate
• Assist a faculty member with their research

We encourage you to seek out these sorts of experiences to expand your exposure to college students, apply concepts learned in your coursework, and hone your skills.

2017 NASPA Conference, San Antonio, Texas
2017 NASPA Conference, San Antonio, Texas

Student Affairs Conference
2017 Pennsylvania Student Affairs Conference