College of Education Assessment System

College of Education Assessment System

Assessment System

Bloomsburg University's College of Education and the professional education unit have developed ASIP (Assessment System for Informed Practice) to measure candidate and programmatic effectiveness.

Each assessment instrument has been closely aligned with our Conceptual Framework, professional standards and Pennsylvania teacher education guidelines.

This system provides a mechanism for the collection and analysis of meaningful data related to teacher education candidate performance and program effectiveness.

ASIP currently serves as the data entry and organization point for a range of assessment measures within the Initial and Advanced Programs in the Professional Education Unit.

The assessments are organized at sequential transition points throughout a student’s matriculation. These measures occur at entrance, prior to student teaching, during student teaching/capstone and upon exit from the program. This system ensures that data is collected and analyzed on applicant qualifications, candidate and graduate performance, unit performance and program effectiveness.

Assessment Planning

The measures established within the Initial and Advanced Programs were developed and approved by committees comprised of faculty members from across all programs in the professional education unit. The College of Education Assessment Committee served a critical function in the design and utilization of the assessments for all Initial Programs.

The assessments and their point of administration are highlighted in the Initial programs and Advanced programs assessment plans.

Key assessments include: disposition assessments, PRAXIS I exams, GPA measures, lessons plans, unit plan, early field experiences evaluation forms, diversity experience measures, student teaching evaluation forms/PDE 430 Student Teacher Assessments, exit surveys, and Alumni/Employer surveys. The College of Education Advanced Program Committee applied the work of the Assessment Committee to the design of the assessment system for Advanced Programs.

The key assessments and relevant transition points for all Advanced Programs can be viewed here. These assessments include: disposition assessments, PRAXIS II exams, GPA measures, unique program assessments capstone measures, exit surveys and Alumni/Employer surveys.

The work of each committee was guided by the desire to structure assessments to inform, improve and support the operation of teacher education programs at Bloomsburg University.