College of Education Graduate Programs

COE Graduate Programs

College of Education Graduate Programs

Bloomsburg University Teacher Education

“It’s about doing all you need to do to be on top. You’re being prepared for that job. And you’re getting, that job, because you’re being prepared to be the best,”

  — Randi Jo Preston, M.Ed., special education.

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“I can use that in my classroom!” — all teachers appreciate new concepts and ideas to use with their students. New concepts and ideas form the foundation of Bloomsburg University’s College of Education graduate programs, which offer courses that not only enhance your teaching perspective but provide research-proven concepts that work in today’s classroom and curriculum development.

These programs, which span from early childhood education and special education to school counseling and curriculum and instruction, offer distinct advantages. They include:

  • theory-driven practice
  • opportunities to contribute to critical research, which includes behavioral support and interventions
  • instruction on how to better integrate classroom management techniques based on a diverse understanding of how today’s students learn

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