COE Assessment and the Professional Education Unit

COE Assessment and the Professional Education Unit

Assessment and the Professional Education Unit

Bloomsburg University's professional education unit is comprised of teacher education programs offered within the College of Education and select programs in the College of Liberal Arts (Music Education), College of Science and Technology (Instructional Technology) and College of Business (Business Education).

All teacher education programs at Bloomsburg University are guided by our Conceptual Framework. This provides the foundation for the unit’s philosophical underpinnings, beliefs and values as well as outlines the proficiencies we emphasize and our commitment to the preparation of effective education professionals.


College of Education

It establishes an integrated vision for teaching, learning, professionalism and educator preparation at BU. Additionally, it guides the planning, development and implementation of programs and ensures connections between coursework, field experiences, student teaching, and unit-wide assessment practices.

An important component of a quality professional education unit is an effective system for unit, program and student assessment. BU has designed a functional, automated system that allows us to collect, organize, analyze and use data to measure the performance of teacher education candidates and the programs in which they are enrolled.

This system, called PSD Pre-Service Differently, is a secure web-based system for data entry, storage and analysis. It has been designed by the professional education unit as a functional and user-friendly system that meets the unique needs of our college and teacher education programs.

The system’s overarching goal is to manage data that will support decision making and improved effectiveness throughout the unit. Additional resources are available on this site for you to to learn more about assessment and teacher education at Bloomsburg University.