The Chinese Program 汉语学习

Program Director

Dr. Jing Luo | 570-389-4248 Department of Languages and Cultures

Chinese Courses in Spring 2019

Chinese 101: 10:00-10:50 AM, MWF. No prerequisite.
Continuing students may enroll directly at Incoming student may contact the Registrar's Office and request to be placed in the course.

Chinese 102: 2:00-2:50PM, MWF. Prerequisite: Chinese 101 or the Foreign Language Placement Test.

Chinese 204: 9:30-10:45 AM. Tue; Thu. Prerequisite: Chinese 203 or the Foreign Language Placement Test.

Required Courses for Chinese Major (33 credits total)

Chinese 101 (3crs) Chinese 102 (3crs) Chinese 203 (3crs) | Offered in fall.
Chinese 204 (3crs) | Offered in spring.
Langcult 200 Comparative Language Studies (offered in English) (3crs)
Langcult 400 Comparative Culture Studies (offered in English) (3crs)

Study Abroad at Beijing Normal University (BNU) and Transfer 15 Credits:
Chinese 490 Comprehensive Chinese (Reading and Writing) (6 BU credits)
Chinese 491 Conversational Chinese (6 BU credits)
Chinese 493 Chinese Listening (3 BU credits)


Upcoming Events

Chinese Club Meetings for Fall 2018: Wednesdays, 5:00-6:00PM, Old Science Hall 220.
Chinese Club Officers:

President: Savonne Brockington
VP: Alex Sriharsha
Treasurer: Mike Gingolaski
Secretary: Francesca Crimi

Required Courses for the Chinese Minor (18 credits total)

Required: Chinese 101, 102, 203, 204 (12 crs)
Electives: Choose 2 courses (6crs) from the following:

CHINESE 199, 299, 399, 499: Chinese Transfers
ARTHSTRY 346 East Asian Art
CHINESE 211 Foundations of Chinese Culture and Civilization
CHINESE 212 China Today
DIGFOR 311 Security Fundamentals
EGGS 102 World Cultural Geography
HISTORY 359 Twentieth Century China
HISTORY 392 US Diplomatic History from 1898
HISTORY 131 History of Asian Civilizations to 1500
HISTORY 132 History of Asian Civilization since 1500
HISTORY 141 Imperialism and Colonialism in Modern East Asia
LANGCULT 200 Comparative Culture Studies
LANGCULT 400 Comparative Language Studies
MKTG 380 International Marketing
MUSIC 102 World Music
POLISCI 181 Contemporary Issues in World Politics
POLISCI 280 International Relations
POLISCI 310 Government and Politics of China
POLISCI 360 Nations, States, Gov
POLISCI 368 Asian Politics
POLISCI 373 Govt China & India
POLISCI 466 IR in East Asia


China Study Abroad

Seven BU students who double-major in Chinese spent an inspiring semester at Beijing Normal University in Spring 2017. The Chinese Track requires study abroad and transfer of 15 credits. The scene is at “The Laker’s” where international students enjoy hanging out.

From left:

Katherine Neteler, Chinese and Speech Pathology
Danielle Franklin, Chinese and Business
Alexis Mendoza, Chinese and Anthropology
Joey Waack, Chinese and Business
Ashabria Mangum, Chinese and Political Science
Jordan Collins, Chinese and Sociology (Jordan continues to study at BNU in fall 2018 beyond required courses. His endeavor is to be fluent in the language.)
Anastasia Timofeeva, Chinese and Engineering
Dr. Jing Luo, Chinese program director

Beijing Normal University

See What They Are Doing after Graduation

China Websites

Media - China Central TV
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One Belt One Road - "Why I Proposed the One Belt One Road?" - President Xi Jinping
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