Archives - Pictures

Archives - Pictures

General Information

  • The picture sets linked from this page are the complete archive sets for the respective production. They include a large number of pictures are intended primarily for the cast and crew of the productions to use in portfolios and other similar settings. For publicity pictures from recent productions, please click on the "current season" link on the right. Clicking on a production poster will take to you the publcity pictures for that production.
  • Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble co-productions are linked to their archive postings.
  • Please use the Flickr help forums or Flickr FAQ or Google to find out how to download pictures from Flickr or to learn about bulk download options.

Important Notes About Picture Use

  • Please be aware that some of the photos in a given set may need minor tweaking in a photo editting software before being ideal or useable. Please review them carefully.
  • Many of the shots were bracketed. That means there are multiple versions with slight variations in exposure or depth of field. Take your time to find the best one.
  • Please DO NOT post of the entire collection to social media sites and other similar locations. Pick and choose the ones you wish to use as part of your personal portfolio.
  • Please understand that these pictures are representative of the creative work of many indivduals and use them in an appropriate manner.
  • If you find pictures you wish removed from the galleries, please contact the webmaster here. Please include links to the pictures in question in your message. BU Players & the Theatre & Dance Division retain the right to the final decision on removeal of pictures.
  • BU Players & the Theatre & Dance Division retain copyright on these images and grant use ONLY for personal portfolios without express written permission. BU Players & the Theatre & Dance Division reserve the right to request the removeal of any pictures if the guidlines posted above are not followed.

BU Players

The online photo archive also houses pictures from various other BU Players activities, including rehearsal pictures, campus events, and social gatherings. You can find them grouped by year under BU Players Activities.


Productions listed below are ones that digital archive pictures are known to exist for or are anticipated to be available in a digital format. Older productions exist in slide format and may be converted and uploaded as time and funding permit.

Please click the show name to see the gallery for the production. Inactive links indicate the files are not yet available online.