Anthropology Faculty

Anthropology Faculty

Anthropology majors are not just names in a gradebook ...
They are well-known to the faculty who take a personal interest in their academic development and progress.


Conrad B. Quintyn, Ph.D., associate professor, chair | | 146B Centennial | 570-389-5379

Susan Dauria, Ph.D., professor | | 149 Centennial | 570-389-4952

Faith Warner, Ph.D., professor | | 118 Centennial | 570-389-4334

DeeAnne Wymer, Ph.D., professor | | 151 Centennial | 570-389-4858

David Fazzino, Ph.D., assistant professor | | 150 Centennial | 570-389-4859

Damien Marken, Ph.D., instructor | | 148 Centennial | 570-389-4333

Teaching Philosophy

Bloomsburg University's anthropology faculty, who see classroom teaching as their primary professional responsibility, are dedicated to making their classes informative, well-organized, relevant, and interesting. They are known for their enthusiasm in the classroom, as well as for their professional expertise. The anthropology department encourages small classes, one-on-one associations between faculty and students, and student involvement in anthropology, both in and out of the classroom.