Act 101 Program Assistants

Act 101 Program Assistants


Name: Naiya Brown

Majors: Psychology & Communication Studies - Interpersonal Track

Interests: Music, books, and photography


Name: James Clark III

Major: Criminal Justice

Minor: Political Science

Interests: Fitness training, Greek Life, shopping, mentoring, hanging with students!


Name: Brianna Davis

Major: Interpersonal Communication

Interests: Being a PA, traveling, going to the gym, swimming, shopping and sleeping


Name: Roshon Jackson

Major: Psychology

Minor: Business Marketing

Interests: Playing video games, helping others, listening to music,

hanging with family/ friends.


Name: Abu B. Kaba

Major: Exercise Science 

Minor: Psychology 

Interests: Learning about the human body, working out, learning new languages, playing sports, cooking, and hanging with family/friends.


Name: Fatima Kanneh

Major: Psychology

Interests: Trying different recipes for cooking, reading, and traveling.


Name: Zamir Lett

Major: Undeclared

Interests: Basketball, sneakers, math, scary movies, video games


Name: Angela Montaño (Ange)

Major: Secondary Education concentration in English

Minor: Spanish

Interests: I love Netflix and helping others!

I enjoy learning about new cultures,

and having a good time!


Name: Yamilet Nazario- Castro (Yami) 

Major: Psychology, Art

Interests: I love God, painting, music, and pilates.


Name: Maurice Robinson

Major: History

Minor: Political Science

Interests: Music, sports, friends


Name: Nacira Scott

Major: Social Work

Interests: Helping others, reading books, getting involved,

eating, and sleeping.


Name: Da'Qun Thomas

Major: Criminal Justice

Interests: Hanging out with friends, mentoring, food, and sports.


Name: Brittany Marie Thompson

Major: Mass Communications

Interest: Talking on the radio, faith, cheerleading & traveling


Name: Chriscene Turner

Major: Health Sciences

Interests: Traveling, cooking, hanging out with friends, tutoring math


Name: Cynthia Velasquez

Major: Social Work

Interests: Helping the youth, working with children, gym,

 making the world better!


Name: Chamoya Waller 

Major: Criminal Justice 

Interests: Traveling, being a mentor, makeup 


Name: Maritza Williams

Major: Social Work

Interests: Petting puppies, reading and hanging out with friends