Act 101/EOP Academic Advising

Act 101/EOP Academic Advising

Act 101 Advisement


Our mission is to provide a nurturing learning environment that enables Bloomsburg University students to persist and graduate with four-year degrees. ACT 101 Academic Advisors coordinate advising with campus support offices to identify early alerts and to chart an academic path for students until graduation. In addition, ACT 101 Academic Advisors are committed to working collaboratively with each student to develop and implement an individualized academic plan for success, while achieving their personal and career goals.

Kuh et al. (2005) suggested that academic advising links students to their institutions. As a result, academic advising strategies should help students create meaningful relationships with faculty members and staff that extend beyond those needed for their immediate academic outcomes of persistence and graduation; and they should advocate for the implementation of high-impact practices to aid student success (Kimball & Campbell, 2013).

Act101/EOP Mission Critical High Impact Practices

  • Academic Advising
  • Social and Emotional Support
  • Financal Literacy
  • Career Capital
  • Leadership and Decision Making

Advising Underprepared College Students

Many students come to college with a lack of understanding about what it takes to succeed. First-generation and low-income students in particular may lack the know how to navigate university systems. Because they are unfamiliar with the services available to them academic advisors may be the first to direct them to the library’s reference desk, the writing center, learning communities, or supplemental instruction. Students may have to be reminded how to manage their time, finances and family while maintaining their full-time student status.

ACT Now For Success!

This initiative was started in Fall 2015 to help ACT 101 students continue their momentum from summer. To encourage learning both in and out of the classroom evening workshops are presented, featuring topics on the academic and social life of Bloomsburg University. The primary goal is to increase the success and retention rate of ACT 101 students throughout the Summer, Fall, and Spring semesters of their first year experience by laying a foundation for their academic achievement and future plans.