Congratulations New Husky!

Congratulations New Husky!

Kristin Austin

 Kristin Austin, '02 MA
  Coordinator of Student Orientation
  570-389-4595 |

First, I congratulate you on your admission to Bloomsburg University! With the array of educational options out there, I'm thrilled you have chosen to pursue your education with us. The orientation office can provide you with all of the knowledge, resources and opportunities you'll need to begin and progress your academic career at BU.

We host several Preview Days during the summer to acquaint you with the campus prior to your official start date. We also host a comprehensive Orientation program prior to the start of school in the fall and spring.

These programs provide you and your family an opportunity to meet with faculty and current students, tour the campus and learn about many of the activities and support services we have in place to ensure your success.

Please frequently check our website for the Preview Day that best suits your schedule and to register for Orientation once registration begins. Bring your Husky spirit, positive attitude and an open mind. Most importantly, ...

Be You, at BU!

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. We're anxiously awaiting your arrival!


Kristin Austin



Some Checklists to Help You Get Started!

Get Accepted & Get Connected!

All of the above boxes checked? Great!

Completed Forms, Email Setup, and Housing Checklist

  • Complete and submit your health form to the BU Health Center. Health forms are due July 1. The forms can be completed on the Student Health Center website.
  • Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 15. This is required if you would like to have a job on campus.
  • Familiarize yourself with your Husky email account. We will communicate with you via your BU email address only. Your BU email address looks like this: For assistance with your email account, contact our technology assistance department. Check your BU email early and often!
  • Memorize your Husky ID number, but don’t confuse it with your email address! Your Husky ID number is a uniquely assigned 6 digit number. We take your privacy seriously!
  • Living on campus? Around March, you will be able to complete your Housing Application. (Have a roommate in mind? You can take care of that then, also!) Housing applications are due June 1.
  • Research and select your meal plan. BU has a meal plan option for every taste! Meal plans must be selected by Sept. 2. Meals plans are selected through your MyHousing account.

Made it so far? Whew! You are doing GREAT!

Pre-Enrollment Testing & Final Transcripts Checklist

  • Do you believe you are a strong writer? Consider the earning Credit by Exam for ENGLISH 101, which would exempt you from the course.
  • When prompted to do so, register for a summer BU Preview Day. BU Preview Day is your required freshmen orientation. Summer Freshmen and ACT 101 students are NOT required to participate in a BU Preview Day. You will have multiple dates to choose from. Registration begins in the spring.
  • Make hotel accommodations at one of our corporate partners.
  • to stay at overnight for your BU Preview Day.

  • If applicable, send us any AP exam test scores and final transcripts from other colleges attended.
  • Take the Language Proficiency exam to potentially fulfill your second language requirement before even arriving in the Fall, or complete the language preference request form
  • Send your final high school transcript to the Office of Admissions

    Still with us? All of the checklists above complete? Great!

    You have reached the final and most important stretch- Pre-Move Checklist!

    • Create a packing list for your residence hall room. Be sure to look at the list of recommended items, as well as the “no-no” list.
    • Housing and roommate assignments will be released in the beginning of August. Get in touch with your roommate as soon as possible to decide “who will bring what…” Tip: You won’t need two big screens so make sure you work that out in advance.
    • Make sure you understand your financial aid award. If you have questions, contact our financial aid office. Also, don’t forget to pay your bill through our bursar’s office. Although our tuition is very affordable, it is not free so don’t make that mistake!
    • When available, review your fall class schedule in your MyHusky account. Schedules will be posted mid-August.
    • Once you have your class schedule, visit our University Bookstore website to price and purchase your textbooks. Tip: Buy your books online from home, and the awesome staff will box them up for you for pick up once you get here!.
    • Review the MyCore program as well as the degree requirements for the major you have chosen.
    • Register your cell phone number for emergency notifications and update your emergency contact info through your MyHusky account. Tip: You can also add a parent’s phone number for emergency notifications.
    • Check out parking and vehicle registration information on our police website
    • Familiarize yourself with The Pilot, our student code of conduct handbook. You are responsible for knowing our code of conduct. (There might be a quiz!)
    • Start your your co-curricular transcript. The co-curricular transcript is where you brag about all of the clubs, organizations, and leadership activities you are involved in.
    • Get your BU gear at the University Bookstore
    • Meet the OWLs! OWL stands for Orientation Workshop Leader, they are upperclassmen that are here to make your transition to Bloomsburg as awesome as possible! It is never too early to get in touch with an OWL and ask questions
    • Lastly, get ready to get involved! Check out our student government and the 250+ organizations and clubs BU has to offer! We have something for everyone, including you!