Mid-Atlantic LGBTQA Conference - Call for Proposals

We cordially invite undergraduates, graduates, faculty, staff, civic activists, and independent scholars to prepare presentations for the Tenth Annual Mid-Atlantic LGBTQA Conference in response to our conference theme Reunion.

Over the past decade, we’ve seen LGBTQA communities rise toward acceptance, equality, and visibility. However, we also continue the fight to bring social justice and inclusion to more marginalized individuals. The theme Reunion is as much about coming together to celebrate our achievements as it is to tackle the ongoing struggles we face. It is often that queer individuals understand reunions as locations of both struggle and triumph, as we encounter varying degrees of acceptance. As such reunions can offer a fluidity of emotions.

At this year’s conference, we will come together to look back at where we started and think about how coming together is a source of strength as we exchange new and/or nuanced ideas, viewpoints, and stories.

We invite thoughtful consideration to questions such as:

  • What can we learn from the last decade of organizing and building of acceptance?
  • How do we connect the histories and customs of our communities to the newer generations?
  • How do the newer generations push us toward a more diverse world?
  • How do we structure reunions in ways that include more values and voices?
  • What strategies are available to us for uniting during moments of deep division?
  • How do our multiple identifications conflict with our abilities to notice possibilities for reunion?

As we gather for the tenth year, we will discover ways to bring people together and fight for a more socially just world. We invite you to be a part of this conversation as we build action plans for the future.

We hope that previous participants build upon the ideas from last year’s conference. We encourage each participant to consider, develop, and submit various session types for this year’s conference.

Shavonne Shorter, Conference Chair
Dave Kube, Conference Vice-Chair
Asa Kelley, Conference Operations Coordinator

Conference Format & Guidelines

The Mid-Atlantic LGBTQA Conference consists chiefly of 60-minute sessions, a keynote presentation, and special events arranged by the Conference Committee.

All members of the community are encouraged to submit proposals for sessions, posters, workshops, art installations, performances, etc. Please see our session type descriptions page for guidance while developing your own proposals. Standard and creative presentation formats are encouraged. To explore past programs, themes, and keynote information, please check out our Mid-Atlantic LGBTQA Conference History page and visit our feedback page for a list of topics requested by previous attendees.

The conference committee will evaluate proposals based on quality, clarity, and relevance. Undergraduate submissions should include the name of an advisor who has worked with you on your project. We look forward to reading your proposals and seeing you at our Ninth Annual Conference this fall!

Deadline: To ensure that participants receive notification of program participation as soon as possible, we ask that you submit your proposals electronically via the form below by Friday, June 16, 2017.

Please email any questions, comments, and concerns to MidAtlanticLGBTQA@bloomu.edu.

Presentation Space Accommodations

All sessions will be held in university classrooms which include the following equipment:

  • Projection Screen
  • Windows 7 Workstation w/Internet Access
  • Document Camera
  • Laptop Computer connection via standard VGA
  • Wireless Internet Access

Submission Form

Please include a 50-100 word description of the session to be printed in the conference program.
Please indicate the style of your presentation. If applicable, you may select multiple options.
Please include a 150-400 word abstract which outlines the proposed content and objectives of the session as well as relevance to the conference theme.
Please provide a bulleted list of 2-4 learning/outcome objectives you hope to accomplish in this session.
Please enter the full name of the primary presenter as you would like it printed in the conference program. This person will also be the primary point of contact for all communication.
i.e. Student, Professor of ..., Director of ..., etc. to be printed in the conference program.
Please provide the College/University, Organization, or Company name to be printed in the conference program.
Please provide a valid email address. All communication will be returned to this address.
Please select the days that you are available to present (check all that apply).